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How to... a course

To change the language to your native language click the menu button.

Click "Sprache auswählen" and choose your native language.

Choose the right course for you.

Level: course for beginners (A1.1) or course for advanced learners (A1.2)

Time: morning course or afternoon course

Enter your personal data.

  • Vorname / first name

  • Nachname / second name

  • Straße / street

  • Haus-Nr. / House number

  • PLZ / zip code: 96050

  • Ort / town: Bamberg

  • E-Mail (important for your confirmation mail)

  • Telefon / phone number

  • Geburtsdatum / date of birth

Check your mails and read when to get your ticket.

Get your ticket.

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